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Integrating Aquaculture and Fisheries Management in the Baltic Sea Region

Fishing boat being followed by sea-gulls,  Rostock Warnemünde (GER), by Nardine Stybel in 2007 (2)

The fishery sector is an integral part of the Baltic Sea coastal regions and their economies. Not all fish stocks are fished within natural limits, however, and certain important species are severely overfished. The management of Baltic Sea fish stocks must therefore be improved, and alternatives such as aquaculture, restocking and stock-enhancement (i.e. the release of reared fish into the marine environment) should be taken into consideration.  For this it is important to assess which strategies and technologies are suitable for which fish species and which part of the Baltic Sea ecosystem. The twelve project partners from Denmark, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Germany will collect, bundle and transfer this knowledge, so that the aquaculture sector in the Baltic Sea Region can finally begin to realise its potentials and lessen the burden on wild fish stocks.


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